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UX strategy creates a happy experience for your customers. When a customer finds a tool that turns a task from frustrating to fun they tell everyone about it.


I use demographics, analytics, market research, content surveys, interaction models, user personas, user scenarios, sitemaps, whiteboards, paper prototyping, rapid prototyping, interactive PDFs, sketching, wireframes, style guides, A/B & multi-variate testing, user testing and iteration. UX gets your clients on the same page you are on and keeps them there.

Utility Belt

Omnigraffle, Illustrator, Google Analytics, Balsamiq, Axure, Mockingbird, Adobe Acrobat, Optimizely, Omniture.

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Web Design is the visual language that organizes priorities and creates balance for visitors. Is your site showcasing what's most important?


I use Google Analytics, SEO, wireframes, prototyping, content management systems, and frameworks with browser developer tools to create beautiful responsive designs. I have a long history with graphic design programs. Testing is a must. Let's get something out there quickly so we can see what really makes your customers excited.

Utility Belt

Wordpress, Drupal, Basalmiq, Axure, Mockingbird, interactive PDFs, Bootstrap, Foundation, HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, Javascript, Firebug, Coda2, Adobe Fireworks, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, SauceLabs.

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Illustration makes complex data delightful. Use everything from infographics to logos to make your customers' experience delightful in any language.


Sometimes off-the-shelf icons and graphics just don't speak your language. That's where I come in. I create logos, diagrams, infographics and evocative illustrations that speak to people in any language. Often standard stock imagery is just generic. Mix, match, reboot and re-imagine to invigorate the normal to meet your goals.

Utility Belt

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, SketchUp, Painter, pencil, pen, paper, ink, brush, canvas and good old-fashion napkin sketches to get the ball rolling.

What the people I work with say

"He always prioritizes the customer experience first, and thinks through a design with metrics in mind, which I love. Mike is exceedingly bright and engaged, and always looks beyond the surface to understand the business context."

Lisa Pautler, Director of Marketing at Rubriq

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Are You Like Me?

My goal is to facilitate the UX design process so everyone can walk up to the whiteboard and start connecting the boxes and arrows. The challenge is to create a holistic design process where everyone is working toward the same goal.

Good design is not about how it looks but how well it functions. I enjoy working with a collaborative team to make a finished product that is tested to meet the user's needs. I want to bring the product to the end user as soon as possible. I like creating quick prototypes so we can test an idea and then move on to the next great solution.

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